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Created19.12.2014 04:58

Snow Dog (Unknown) 19.12.2014 05:02
Anyone have an idea how to fix a problem I'm having? I exported a building (i3D) out of a map (export selection with files) to import it into mine, and changed the colour of the DDS file in photoshop. I put the building and files in a "new models" folder in the map folder, and it looks fine in the editor, but when I run the game, it's just white. I think it's something to do with it being a new item, because I changed the DDS for the job board and it worked in game...Anyone?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 05.01.2015 17:43

if an object is purely white ingame then the game can't load the texture files.

Please recheck if the object and its texture files are hierachically below the root directory of the map

Try to export (with files) directly into the directory of your new map.
That might help.


Kuhn Benjamin (Unknown) 29.03.2015 12:18
I have modeled an objekt in Blender and export this as i3D but the texture does not match too the proportion of the objekt. Does someone knew how I can change the size of the texture.

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