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Created25.12.2014 03:01

Snow Dog (Unknown) 25.12.2014 03:03
I'm not sure how to move the little icons on the map to the new locations.....anyone? :) I managed to get a print screen made into a DDS file for the pda map, but that's it.....Hope someone can help..thanks

Ron Smith (pasnthru99) 28.12.2014 01:30
the best way is to make sure each tip location has a trigger, if so then open the .lua file with notepad ++ and change the coordinates to where you moved the location to. remember if this is a custom map and if the map is much bigger then there is some issues. you need to subtract the original coordinates from 1024 and that should give you the coordinates to place in your lua file. uk mods website is got some helpful info on this also

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