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registering vehicle type

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Created26.12.2014 23:35

Hu Tzi (too Short...) (Unknown) 26.12.2014 23:41
i'm despairing of trying to register my own vehicle type.

As far as i know (i'm a beginner modder) i need the following code in my moddesc.xml:

<type name="k700" className="Vehicle" filename="$dataS/scripts/vehicles/Vehicle.lua">
<specialization name="washable" />

It's just a simple example. I need it for a Script. To use my new type "k700" i need to refer to it in the vehicle.xml like <vehicle type="k700">...</vehicle>.
That's what my mod is doing, but it is not registering the type (as shown in the log), nor can i use it in the vehicle.xml, cause it isn't registered (can't load/buy the mode ingame).

Am i missing something special?

Sam Northey (Sam_N) 30.12.2014 23:42

I think it should be:

This is a mistake I made, it was wrote wrong on the website that i got it from!

Hu Tzi (too Short...) (Unknown) 31.12.2014 00:03
Thank you so much. I hate such mistakes :/ but now its running.

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