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Created31.12.2014 10:26

Chris Nubel (Unknown) 31.12.2014 10:26
Please forgive me if this is the wrong forum for a mod request.

I must have grass. Would someone please bring back the Krone Big x 500 Attach 20M, and the Krone ZX 550 GD Rake 20M for FS/LS 2015? These two items help all us dairy farmers.

Jimmie Hurtig (Unknown) 31.12.2014 11:56
Hello here can u try and is for FS2015

Matthew Howell (Unknown) 02.01.2015 13:05
hi i have a mac but really want to create a map similar to my work how can i do this? it appears only giants editor available for windows

Kantvilas (Kantvilas360) 30.07.2016 09:35
If you google/safari "Giants Editer For Mac" You might get some results :)

Kantvilas (Kantvilas360) 30.07.2016 09:36
But the downloads might not be official

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