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Created07.01.2015 11:15

Colin Simpkin (Unknown) 07.01.2015 11:19
Is there anyway of editing these files after they have been created as when the file is formed it removes all animation text from the map01.i3d file making slight changes impossible.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 07.01.2015 12:03

these files can't be modified.

But it should still be possible to define an animation directly in the i3d file.
So, I would recommend you to export the object to a seperate i3d file (makes things easier)
Then create the animation from scratch.
Check the animation in the GE (but don't save it by using the GE)
If needed, adjust the animation as required and re check in GE.

Finally, when the animation behaves as required you can save the file in the GE and import it into your map.

By the way, the new (binary) format speeds up the loading process ;)


Unknown 07.01.2015 14:47
Thank you for your prompt reply,

So we now have an editor which cannot edit files it creates !!!

Now a previously simple operation like changing a door opening from left to right requires the animation created from scratch.
This makes the animation window in the editor virtually useless for editing/testing animations in any mods downloaded from yourselves or any other source.
A sensible solution would be to recompile these files when loaded in the editor so that they can be edited.


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