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stumpCutter go faster?

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Created10.01.2015 17:09

Patrik Niklasson (Unknown) 10.01.2015 17:11

Is there any way to get the speed of the stumpCutter to get any faster? I've created a "monster" machine but it still takes just as long time for my machine to grind the stumps down as the FSI. So what parameter is to be changed to increase the speed of the grinder grinding down the tree stumps?

Searched all over but cannot find the available parameters for <stumpCutter>

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 12.01.2015 17:04

you could try to adjust the attribute "cutNode" in the "stumpCutter" section to cut larger pieces.
But you can't make the cutting faster, except you write your very own script, which is possible as soon as we release the script documentation ;)


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