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Created10.01.2015 20:38

Michael Schmidt (Unknown) 10.01.2015 20:48
Hello Boys and gals

I got a new problem.
I have played a couple of days on the same map, and with a few other mods.
Well i did add a few mods there too. But now when i wanted the continue playing with the map or with the savegame.
Well then it happened as soon as it was loaded all of my placeable things where gone
all of my vehicles and all of my animals.

Then i took everything out of the mods folder, but it does not help with the problem.
I looked at the log, but the log doesnt say any error or anything helpful.

I hope someone knows what is going on with my game.

To my second problem, (dont wonna open a new topic for it).
Is that im a bit confused which patch came first and which came second now.
Now i have installed the patch 2.1 and then i installed the patch 1.2
But now im really confused which one came first and which came last.
I think it has todo something with my problems.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 12.01.2015 17:06

seems like you are messing things up ;)

The most recent patch for FS15 is v1.2

Patch 2.1 is the latest patch for FS13.


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