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I got issues with piles

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Created17.01.2015 17:48

Larry Horse (Larry) 17.01.2015 18:01
Made a map and I put in a feeding lot so a have heaps of grass ,straw etc.Due to planning and reasonable clip distances I run the the map at 60 FPS .But, when I unload or load from or onto any of the heaps the the FPS drop to 8-12 There is no errors or warnings occurring .As soon as the loading or unloading completes it goes back to normal. I don't have conveyor belt scripts installed.Does anybody know what the hell is happening?By the way potato wood chip heaps work fine,grass sell heap work fine too.

Larry Horse (Larry) 18.01.2015 00:25
Never mind,Basically the answer is pay attention to task at hand not what happens in 3 steps ahead

John Pako (logic321) 25.04.2015 11:30
you should rub some cream on then PMSL

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