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warning old shapes file format

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Created19.01.2015 13:37

Adam Shorrock (farmerads) 19.01.2015 13:43
i am trying to convert fs13 to fs 15 item in store but cant buy it just crashes the game, checked the log and it says warning old shapes file format. ive looked for the answer to this problem and all i can find is load and resave in the new editor (6.0.3) which ive tried to do but everytime i do the editor crashes too. ive tried to load the i3d in the old editor (5.5.2) and it works fine. please can someone help me with this.

Tom Johnson (tom42728) 23.01.2015 06:29
when you open the i3d in GE 6.0.3 at the bottom is it listing any other errors

I have converted several mods and the shapes file would update when I open the i3d and resave it in GE 6 and the error would no longer appear in the log file

as far as crashing ... look for other errors in GE if possible

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