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Created20.01.2015 14:27

Kristian Asplund (Harryy) 20.01.2015 14:31
How do i make the wheels turn opposite way? I am making a truck, and i want the back wheels to turn the opposite way than the front wheels and not that much steering angle.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 11.02.2015 10:41

in the vehicle.xml file ...

For every wheel which should steer you need to activate the steering by setting the following value to 1

<wheel rotSpeed="1"

Next you should define all properties of the "ackermann steering"

An example line from the DeutzAgrostar661.xml:

<ackermannSteering rotSpeed="60" rotMax="42" rotCenterWheel1="2" rotCenterWheel2="3" />

This line defines how the wheels rotate depending on which direction you steer to.
So, basically you define how fast the steering should be and how large the highest rotation is.

Next you have to define the "center of rotation".
In a classic example you just define the two wheels (indices), from which the center is calculated.

There are also other options which can be used instead of rotCenterWheel1/2 if your 'wheel setup' is somewhat more complex.
e.g.: rotCenter="0 2.379"
This value is meant to be relative to the first component of the vehicle.


Kristian Asplund (Harryy) 11.02.2015 21:26
Aaa okey i will try that.
Thanks for the answer

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