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Created29.01.2015 16:18

Torlasco (diego_gg111) 29.01.2015 16:21
I was wondering if it's possible to copy and edit the default particle animations to use in a mod. For example, default particle animations for plows are made for an specifically number of ploughshares (4 and others), but how can I edit that particle animation to use in a mod plow with 2 or 3 ploughshares?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 11.02.2015 11:09

you would need to export the shape from i3d to obj.
Then import this into maya and cut meshes away.
Eventually set material attributes (could also be done later via GE or texteditor)
Export to i3d.


Torlasco (diego_gg111) 05.03.2015 17:49
But doing that will I miss the textures? shoul I re-texture it on maya?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 06.03.2015 16:31

yes and no.

The material defintion will be gone, thats correct.
But the UVs should still be available.

So you have to create a new material., but the UVs should fit perfectly which is pretty important for the scrolling effect to look good.

Just give it a try ;)


Mathias Fogh Kristensen (JD_Farmer) 21.03.2015 22:12

I tried that just like you descriped - but without any luck. The "scroll animation" will still show on ex. all nine furrows if we use the Lemken Diamond 12 as an example, even though I modified it to lesser ploughshares.

Is it something you can explain, because I'm obviously doing something wrong.

Regards, Mathias

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 23.03.2015 09:12
Hi Mathias,

could you please explain step by step what you did exactly?

This way, it might be easaier to point you into the right direction instead of me "explaining too much" ;)


Mathias Fogh Kristensen (JD_Farmer) 23.03.2015 17:02
Hi Emil!

Well, I took the particleAnimations from the Lemken Diamond 12, exportet the models and opend them in 3ds max. Then I removed two meshes and added texture to it.

Then I exported it again, and opend the the .i3d file in text editor and added the same customshader as the Lemken Diamond 12 particles uses.

Then I imported the new "model" into the particleSystem for the Diamond 12 and replaced the old 9 furrows "meshes".

I saved it as a seperate .i3d file and then I wrote the new particles name into the ploughs .zml file.

It didn't work, and I can't see why.


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 24.03.2015 10:23

that sounds good basically.
Hard to say where the problem might be.

Maybe you are loading the wrong plough ingame?
Do you really have set up a proper mod?

As long as the mesh looks right in the i3d file of the particle animation it should be the same in the game.
If not, there must be a basic mistake.


Mathias Fogh Kristensen (JD_Farmer) 24.03.2015 15:44
I guess I did it the correct way, and in the .i3d files for the particleAnimations there is only seven meshes. So I really don't understand where the problem is :-(


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 25.03.2015 09:43

so ... really don't know what you did wrong.
But it should work ... tried it myself.

General thoughts:
- there are two animations, one for each side
- if you have created a new i3d for the animation (and effects) and it looks good in this file, but bad/wrong ingame then you are loading the wrong file (check your xml attributes)


Mathias Fogh Kristensen (JD_Farmer) 26.03.2015 20:53
Thanks, I will have to try it again :)

Though I don't think I dig anything wrong :)

But thanks for Your time anyway :)


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