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Created08.02.2015 14:32

Bret Music (Musicman) 08.02.2015 14:37
Not sure what ive done, but i cant harvest any grain with any harvestor or cutter no matter what fruit.
I was messing around with multi fruit mod and now its broken. Anybody have a clue whats messed up? Funny thing is it takes the grain off the field but nothing registers as a grain count and the cutters quit moving as soon as it touches the grain to be harvested.

Bret Music (Musicman) 08.02.2015 15:10
Solved.......Calprit was mod New Holland FR9090 has a new threshing counter and hud which destroyed all my other harvestors. Im going to try and get rid of the counter and hud. To bad, its a beautiful harvestor and works really well other than this.

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