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Mod vehicle handling problem

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Created11.02.2015 03:37

Josh Adams (Unknown) 11.02.2015 03:43
I got this mod vehicle that is a Krone Big X 1100 with a woodchipper on the front and small crane boom attached. everything about it works fine except it ramps over every bump in the ground or big bumps cause it to nose up and it carries the front wheels for yards before it touches back down. it does this on any speed above 13mph. I haven't seen a vehicle act this way. I tried adjusting the suspension settings in its vehicle.xml file which actually started out mirroring the core game Krone Big X 1100 suspension settings. Nothing is working by adjusting suspension. how do I keep the thing following bumpy terrain? Can I add downforce to it to fix this? if so, I forget the < /> line language used to create downforce.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 11.02.2015 11:28

the downforce attribute has been removed completly.

You could try to increase the weight of
- the main component
- compoundChilds

Or adjust the center of mass ...

Suspension adn damper are also a good/important thing to adjust when searching the right/best vehicle setup.


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