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Created13.02.2015 16:42

Terry Reynolds (Unknown) 13.02.2015 16:46
I'm getting several Mods erroring out in FS15 with the error "Unsupported mod description version". What needs to be/can be done to fix this these errors?

Terry Reynolds (Unknown) 13.02.2015 16:47
additional question, what is the valid mode description version for FS15?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 13.02.2015 17:12

for FS15 the descVersion must be at least 20.
Most recent value is 22 (since patch 1.2)

<modDesc descVersion="22">

Probably you should have a look at some new mods ...
to get familiar with new values for the attributes in xml files

The beta section may contain "bad" (minor broken) mods.


Terry Reynolds (Unknown) 13.02.2015 19:31
Thanks for the Response Emil. I have looked at several Mods' XML files and the descVersion were all over the place, just wanted to know where it should be. You answered the question nicely. Not a big fan of a lot of the mod sites as their downloader are very annoying with popups, windows that won't close and clicking everything at least twice just to get a DL. this site is the only one that seems to have a solid handle on things afunctions as a site should without spamming the user.

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