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Wilson Grain trailer falling through plane

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Created16.02.2015 10:40

Simon-paul Strikwerda (spstrikwerda) 16.02.2015 10:43
Hey guys, i am Simon-Paul and i am new here, and fairly new to modding.
Currently i am busy converting the Wilson grain trailer and dolly trailer from FS13 to FS15. I had a lot of problems ranging from old shapes to attacherjoints and replacing dirt shaders. Now almost everything is fine. All 4 trailers from the mod are buyable (white trailer, black trailer, white dolly trailer and black dolly trailer).
The dolly trailers work fine and attach behind a tractor.
However the main trailers (which attach to a truck) fall through the plane next to the shop right after i buy them from the shop.
It almost seems as the trailer support has no collision detection or something like that.
I fixed errors from the log file. And now i only have warnings about invalid fillTypes.

Can you guys help me fix the "fall through" issue??? Thanks!!!!

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 16.02.2015 15:36

please have a look at the "Rigid Body" panel in the "Attributes" window and compare the values with the ones of default vehicles.

A vehicle must have the "Rigid Body" flag (in transform panel) active and be of type "dynamic" (in the "Rigid Body" panel).

Also check the "Collision Mask" in "Rigid Body" panel


Simon-paul Strikwerda (spstrikwerda) 16.02.2015 21:37
The trailer already had the "rigid body" flag and also type was already "dynamic" and "collission mask" was checked.

What i did was enable the "rigid body" flag on the support and now it doesn't fall through the plane, but the support sinks partly into the floor. Also the front of the trailer won't budge when i hit it with a tractor.

I will go on comparing the i3d file with that of another mod and the default trailers....

Simon-paul Strikwerda (spstrikwerda) 16.02.2015 22:47
Okay, i figured out some more. The floor collision part was way too low, so i reset the Y translation of it to 0 and increased the density to 15. Now the trailer stays horizontal but 30 cm above the ground. How do i adjust this?

Also when i connect a truck, the truck tilts backwards. It looks like the front of the trailer is very very heavy.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 17.02.2015 10:33

you don't have to use a seperate component for the 'floor collision'.

Try to use a 'component child'
Since FS15 'component childs' can be moved and rotated.

By using a component child instead of a seperate component you will save bandwidth in MP and the connection between the main component and the component child is absolutely fixed (no movement allowed as in the case when using two components).

Check the default vehicles to see how you can set up a componentChild.
(Might need to set the flag via texteditor)


Adam F Clark (afcbillsfan) 18.03.2015 01:39

What is a "component child"? I can see "compoundChild", and have enabled it, to no effect. Background, I am editing the Wilson trailers myself, and am having the same problem as the chap that started this thread, and a quick internet search led me here. But, I cannot get it to work. I have changed the collision masks to match other mods, imported support collisions, making them compound children as you suggested, all to no avail. Any futrther ideas?

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