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Conversion crawler tractor . Not moving

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Created23.02.2015 09:48

Giuseppe Antista (peppe78) 23.02.2015 09:49
Hello everyone. Sorry for my English . I hope someone can help me . I converted a crawler tractor and managed to buy it. turns on but does not move . No button makes it move . help
This my Log File:

Giuseppe Antista (peppe78) 23.02.2015 09:51
My log file:

Game vehicle types loaded
Mod directory: C:/Users/Admin/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2015/mods/
Load mod: NHtk4060
Loading Ford 4000, located in C:/Users/Admin/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2015/mods//NHtk4060/
Error: Not all prerequisites of specialization aiTractor are fulfilled
data/sky/sky_day_night.i3d (6.42 ms)
data/sky/rain.i3d (1.36 ms)
data/sky/hail.i3d (0.89 ms)
data/sky/dust.i3d (0.79 ms)
data/maps/map02.i3d (7130.21 ms)
map data/maps/map02.i3d was loaded
data/vehicles/steerable/deutz/deutzAgroStar661.i3d (37.84 ms)
dataS2/character/player/player.i3d (510.78 ms)
data/vehicles/steerable/huerlimann/huerlimannH488.i3d (32.78 ms)
data/vehicles/steerable/sampoRosenlew/sampoRosenlewC6.i3d (42.89 ms)
data/vehicles/steerable/buehrer/buehrer6135A.i3d (16.58 ms)
data/vehicles/tools/koeckerling/koeckerlingTrio300M.i3d (16.63 ms)
data/vehicles/particleAnimations/koeckerling/koeckerlingTrio300M.i3d (4.70 ms)
data/vehicles/tools/poettinger/poettingerVitasem302A.i3d (19.84 ms)
data/vehicles/particleAnimations/poettinger/poettingerVitasem302A.i3d (1.62 ms)
data/vehicles/trailers/brantner/brantnerE8041.i3d (9.25 ms)
data/vehicles/cutters/sampoRosenlew/sampoRosenlewC6.i3d (14.52 ms)
data/vehicles/tools/suer/suerSB700.i3d (3.58 ms)
dataS/character/player/playerCCT.i3d (33.59 ms)
C:/Users/Admin/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2015/mods//NHtk4060/NHtk4060.i3d (384.49 ms)
Warning: Deprecated LOD textures/parameters in 'C:/Users/Admin/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2015/mods//NHtk4060/particleSystems/DynamicExhaustingSystemShader.xml.
Direct3D Device Lost!

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 24.02.2015 08:59

assuming you converted a tractor/crawler from FS13 it might be a good idea to check the default vehicles of FS15.

Several things have changed ;)

One thing which might stop your vehicle from moving is the way how the motor (e.g. torqueScale, gearRatios, torqueCurve, ...) and the differentials have to be defined.
Please compare that entries ...

For the aiTractor specialization to work you need the following specializations: hirable, drivable
Also be aware that we now have a steerable and a drivable specialization. For a tractor to be drivable you need both of them.


Giuseppe Antista (peppe78) 24.02.2015 14:35
I'll put my modDesc file.
I inserted the specializations: hirable, drivable
but the tractor will not move

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="no" ?>
<modDesc descVersion="21">
<en>New Holland TK4060</en>
<de>New Holland TK4060</de>
<multiplayer supported="true" />

<text name="NHtk4060_Barra_traino">
<en>Numpad 4/6: Ruota barra di traino</en>
<de>Numpad 4/6: Ruota barra di traino</de>

<text name="NHtk4060_cab">
<en>Numpad 3: Monta/Smonta Tettino</en>
<de>Numpad 3: Monta/Smonta Tettino</de>

<text name="arco">
<en>Numpad 5: abbassa / alza arco</en>
<de>Numpad 5: abbassa / alza arco</de>

<text name="indor_camera">
<en>sposta camera interna sx/dx 9/0</en>
<de>sposta camera interna sx/dx 9/0</de>


<sourceFile filename="Scripts/ExtraFile.lua" />
<sourceFile filename="Scripts/SetAnimationEvent.lua" />
<sourceFile filename="Scripts/SetCabEvent.lua" />


<specialization name="extraWeights" className="extraWeights" filename="Scripts/extraWeights.lua"/>
<specialization name="TerraTrac" className="TerraTrac" filename="Scripts/TerraTrac.lua"/>
<specialization name="rpmLimiterNHtk4060" className="rpmLimiterNHtk4060" filename="Scripts/rpmLimiterNHtk4060.lua" />
<specialization name="wheelParticleSpec" className="wheelParticle" filename="Scripts/wheelParticle.lua" />
<specialization name="cabNHtk4060" className="cabNHtk4060" filename="Scripts/cabNHtk4060.lua"/>
<specialization name="NHtk4060" className="NHtk4060" filename="Scripts/NHtk4060.lua"/>
<specialization name="animation" className="AnimationNetwort" filename="Scripts/AnimationNetwork.lua" />
<specialization name="operatingHours" className="OperatingHours" filename="Scripts/OperatingHours.lua" />
<specialization name="realExhaustParticleSystem" className="realExhaustParticleSystem" filename="Scripts/realExhaustParticleSystem.lua" />
<specialization name="sollevoNHtk4060" className="sollevoNHtk4060" filename="Scripts/sollevoNHtk4060.lua"/>
<specialization name="powerShaftAttacher" className="PowerShaftAttacher" filename="Scripts/PowerShaftAttacher.lua" />
<specialization name="animazioniNHtk4060" className="animazioniNHtk4060" filename="Scripts/animazioniNHtk4060.lua"/>
<specialization name="TracAnim" className="TracAnim" filename="Scripts/TracAnim.lua"/>

<type name="NHtk4060" className="Vehicle" filename="$dataS/scripts/vehicles/Vehicle.lua">
<specialization name="motorized" />
<specialization name="steerable" />
<specialization name="drivable" />
<specialization name="cylindered" />
<specialization name="hirable" />
<specialization name="aiTractor" />
<specialization name="honk" />
<specialization name="extraWeights" />
<specialization name="TerraTrac" />
<specialization name="rpmLimiterNHtk4060" />
<specialization name="wheelParticleSpec" />
<specialization name="cabNHtk4060" />
<specialization name="NHtk4060" />
<specialization name="animation" />
<specialization name="operatingHours" />
<specialization name="realExhaustParticleSystem" />
<specialization name="sollevoNHtk4060"/>
<specialization name="powerShaftAttacher" />
<specialization name="animazioniNHtk4060" />
<specialization name="TracAnim" />

<image active="" brand=""/>

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 25.02.2015 08:00

as stated in my last post, please make sure that you have all necessary attributes concerning motor and differentials in the NHtk4060.xml


Giuseppe Antista (peppe78) 06.03.2015 00:41

Ok thanks . Lacked the art differential
now moves but the tracks do not turn. Can you help ?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 06.03.2015 16:43

well, I'll try to.

Or better ... take a close look at the default vehicles which use tracks (e.g. NH T8.435).

Basicall you have to define two "dummy wheels" and take care of the <crawlers> attributes.

If you have any specific question, just ask ;)


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