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Created25.02.2015 19:01

Sheldon Major (Chaos_Darkrai) 25.02.2015 19:04
One other thing I'd like to know is how to edit the Krone BiG x 1100 to be able to harvest grass_windrow, I tried setting the appropriate entry into the xml, but when I do, the cutter does not cut grass, and the harvester won't blow nothing. I edited the XDisc to have the filltype grass and the converted fruittype to be grass_windrow, and I made the harvester have the filltype grass_windrow, but no dice. Anyone know how?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 26.02.2015 08:48

sorry to say, but currently the script does not support the conversion of 'normal fruit types' to 'windrow fruit types'.

But you can use the EaseFlow300 to collect grass, hay and straw.


Sheldon Major (Chaos_Darkrai) 26.02.2015 11:57
Ok, thanks Emil, I was just wanting to have grass_windrow available to harvest with the BiG X, both to make it more realistic, and because there are mods out there that allow the storage of grass_windrow, which I can then use a modded SPV confort to feed cows with. Hopefully such a function could come with the script documentation.

Adam Hissett (SavageMkII) 11.01.2016 06:43
I have a related question.

I'm trying to get the BiG x 1100 with EasyFlow300 header to pick up from mor2000's placeable heap.

I've combined wheat, collected the straw with a forage wagon. and dumped it on a heap. Now, mor2000 has put in the functionality to collect off of the heaps with balers and forage wagons, by adding a BalerTrigger object with user attribute type "balertrigger". The question I have is, is there a trigger I can add to it to get the EasyFlow300 to collect from the heap as well?

Or, is the problem the filltype? Are the windrows dropped by combines still considered "wheat" or "barley", and not "wheat_windrow" or "barley_windrow"? If so, then does a forage wagon convert it when you collect it? Therfore, will the easyFlow300 only collect "wheat", or "barley", and not the "wheat_windrow" or "barley_windrow"?

Any help with this would be much appreciated. thanks!

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 11.01.2016 08:08

sorry, but I dont know that heaps.

Anyhow, the default cutters (EasyFlow300) do not react on any triggers.
Maybe the heap does react on contact with the cutter - I don't know ;)

The windrows dropped by combines are "fruitType_windrow", not "fruitType".

A forage wagon will convert barley_windrow to wheat_windrow.


Adam Hissett (SavageMkII) 11.01.2016 18:28
Thanks Emil, that helps steer me in the right direction.

So, if the cutter (Easyflow300) doesn't react on triggers, how does it work when it picks windrows up off a field? How does it "know" there's a windrow in front of it?


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 12.01.2016 08:45

the same as other cutters and tools know what kind of "fruit type" is in front of them.
They ask the engine/game: "is there something usefull in my cutting area?"


Michiel Vanderlee (Unknown) 19.02.2016 03:43
So how could we create an object that says. "I am usefull"

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 19.02.2016 08:29

do you still want to pick up something from the placeable heap?

Or what's your exact plan?


Michiel Vanderlee (Unknown) 19.02.2016 15:36
That is my plan yes.

I bought a Forage wagon early on to collect all my straw and put it in a placeable heap with the purpose of converting it to chaff once I could afford the Krone with EasyFlow.
Now that I finally bought it, it doesn't work :/


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 22.02.2016 08:25

hmmmm, I'm really not sure if "straw" should be converted into "chaff".
I think "maize" and "hay" or "grass" can be converted into chaff, but "straw" ?
Really not sure ;)

Anyhow, as we can't support mods here (there are just too many of them) I'm afraid that I can't help you.
You could try to contact the author of the mod and ask for help/information.
Or you could try to get some hep in an other forum dedicated to farming simulator.


Michiel Vanderlee (Unknown) 24.02.2016 16:27
Straw or 'wheat_windrow' can be converted into chaff or bales just fine. (unless I'm mistaken and it's hay)
But the issue is that the mod doesn't support cutters.

I understand that you can't support mods, but I'd like to see if I can get it working myself and would like help with understanding how I could have an object that the cutter might recognize.
Basically, if I were to create a new object that a cutter should process, how do I communicate to the cutter?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 25.02.2016 08:17

hay bales (in real life it's rather a little bit dried grass, but not yet hay) transform into silage bales over time.

Well, the cutter itself does not recognize any objects by default.
It only checks "what's on the ground" (note: wheat_windrow and grass_windrow are not any objects)

So, you would have to make the heap check for cutters.
That's a scripting job ...


Christopher Harder (Unknown) 01.08.2017 21:21
ich finde das echt scheise

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