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Created03.03.2015 23:32

Larry Horse (Larry) 03.03.2015 23:33
I get this in log: Warning (LUA): Argument to method 'setRigidBodyType' is nil
-- from =C:/Users/.../Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2015/mods//beta/ubt.lua:54
It comes from this chunk of script
for j=1,self.numAttachers[i] do
self.attacher[i][j] = {};
local partnamej = string.format("vehicle.Attachers".."%d"..".objectAttacher".."%d",i,j);
self.attacher[i][j].object = Utils.indexToObject(self.rootNode, getXMLString(xmlFile, partnamej .. "#index"));
self.attacher[i][j].attachedObject = nil;
self.attacher[i][j].objectInRange = nil;
Anybody has any idea how to rectify this?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 04.03.2015 08:48

allthough we can't support all mods here, I'll try to make a guess.

The error occurs due to the following line:

The problem here is that the variable
is not set.

In lua variables are by default nil

For me it looks like the 'chunk of script' is incomplete or did never work, because the afore mentioned variable is never set to a valid value.


Larry Horse (Larry) 04.03.2015 16:32
Txanx for for your help.This was something I was suspecting.
At least here someone will give you answer that makes sense.
---sincerely ..Horse

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