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OGG to WAV = hissing sound

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Created05.03.2015 10:29

Tomas Bet (Unknown) 05.03.2015 10:35

I have following code in xml:
<attachSound file="$data/vehicles/shared/truck_attach.wav" pitchOffset="1" />
<motorStartSound file="sound/engine1_start.ogg" pitchOffset="1" volume="1" />
<motorSound file="sound/engine1_Idle.ogg" pitchOffset="1" pitchScale="0.011" pitchMax="1.7" volume="0.45" radius="50" innerRadius="20" />
<motorSoundRun file="sound/engine1_run.ogg" pitchOffset="0.75" pitchScale="0.012" pitchMax="1.6" volume="0.45" />

<motorStopSound file="sound/engine1_stop.ogg" pitchOffset="1" volume="1.5" />
<compressedAirSound file="sound/air_brake1.ogg" pitchOffset="1" volume="1.25"/>
<compressionSound file="sound/air_brake2.ogg" pitchOffset="1" volume="1.5"/>
<honkSound file="$data/vehicles/shared/hornBig.wav" volume="1" radius="70" innerRadius="10" />

when files are in original ogg format everything work fine, but if I convert them to wav, turned on vehicle make only noise.
I converted files using Audition or VLC and they sound fine in media player but not in game.
I suppose that pitch and volume parameters set for ogg don't fit to wav files.
Any suggestion how to fix this?


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 05.03.2015 11:42

the recommended format to use is WAV.

It should be mono with a bit depth of 16 bit and a sample rate of 22050 Hz.

If you stick to this attributes it should work fine.


Tomas Bet (Unknown) 05.03.2015 12:07
Thank you, that have done the trick.

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