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Created06.03.2015 11:39

Ducry Jerome (agrorepa) 06.03.2015 11:44
Hello, we can change color of a mod in his xml with the <color value="0.1 0.0296 0.0273 1.0" />
but how find the value for a specific color ?

For sample: the color of Ursus tractor (red), for give a attachable frontloader.

By and thank's for any infos.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 06.03.2015 16:47

you have at least two options therefore.

First is to open a texture file of the tractor and get the color from it.
Second would be to search the net for information about the color.


Unknown 07.03.2015 15:00
Hi Mr Drefers,

the color value is for RGB and channel alpha ?

when I open a picture in photoshop, i find RVB color value from 1 to 255, but color value in GE is between 0 to 1

How convert RGB value to color value in GE ?

By and thank's for any infos.

Martin Fabik (Hungar) 07.03.2015 16:59

I think that colors in GE is in percent (so 0 in GE is 0 in photoshop and 1 in GE is 255 in photoshop). You can convert colors by this: {color_in_rgb}/255. I do this on my projects and it works.


Ducry Jerome (agrorepa) 07.03.2015 23:21
Hi Mr Fabik,

I tried your method with RGB value from and photoshop (same value), but after the conversion, the color of the frontloader stoll is not the same, compared to the tractor ursus.

And now, i have created new i3d of the frontloader with modified texture_diffuse and it's ok for me.

Thank's for reply.


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