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Created09.03.2015 23:42

Bret Music (Musicman) 09.03.2015 23:44
My C:/Drive is a 120gb SSD and it was almost full with mods from several games. So i made a new documents folder on one of my 3 - 3TB drives and set as default save for documents in the documents library. I also went as far as to delete my old documents off of C:/Drive. Long story short, when i try to play FS 15 it tries to make a new folder on C drive. How can i direct farm simulator to my H:/Drive/Documents/My Documents/Games/Farm Simulator? These are steps i used to change my documents to my HDD.

The My Documents folder is part of Windows 7's new Documents Library. A library combines multiple folders that contain similar types of files.

To move your documents to the D drive:

1. Create a new documents folder on the D drive.
2. Right-click the new folder and click Include in Library > Documents .
3. Click Start > Documents .
4. Double-click My Documents to show its contents.
5. Drag and drop the files to the new folder.
6. Press F5 to refresh the view.
7. Under Documents Library , click locations .
8. Right-click the new folder and click Set as default save location .
9. [Optional] Click My Documents and click Remove .

I cant figure out how to direct giants engine fs15 to it. I noticed while playing games recently things seem to be stuttering in slow motion kinda. Checked my C drive and only had less than 6 gigs available. All my games are on a 3tb hdd. The only software except windows 7 on ssd is blender, maya, inventor and some cnc nesting software and microsoft office. I had over 50 gigs in documents between mods for fs13 and fs15, phoenix RC.

Bret Music (Musicman) 10.03.2015 01:22
found it.....<modsDirectoryOverride active="True" directory="C:\Users

Master Saygo (Unknown) 18.07.2015 17:39
Bret, don't know if you'll get this post. But I also use a different drive than "C" . But if it is set as default directory by system. Then set modsDirectory override to "false" then the game will see the default directory set by you, even if not "C" drive. Works for me.

Ronald Real (Unknown) 02.10.2015 21:58
Where did you find "found it.....<modsDirectoryOverride active="True" directory="C:\Users" ?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 05.10.2015 08:56

in the following directory:
C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2017
you will find the file gameSettings.xml.
It contains the named setting.


Master Saygo (Unknown) 07.10.2015 00:39
Emil; getting a little ahead of yourself? It's still FS15. I think you need a vacation. Hopefully a paid one. :}

Darren Pude (darkdaz) 29.07.2016 13:06
i know this like a old topic but can i suggest if you found your self running out SSD space, check steam isnt waiting to update a game, if its not in the app downloads area, double example c:\program files(x86)\steam\steam apps\ downloading folder sometimes steam will make space avail for updates and will keep the files that have updated in that folder and ever it keeps them in there for cacheing and faster updateing so make sure to check that as i was low on space and found out my steam was waiting to update a game and i had 40gb left on ssd, and steam reservered nearly 30gb of space for its update, thought i would let you know and its basicly farming simulator 15 related if you know what i mean

Prom Games (PromGames) 30.08.2016 08:26
Twisted_Farmer said:

I suggest you all to use our ModManager Pro, to manage FS15 settings, mod files and folders.
Now includes the FS15 Courseplay editor .

You can download from here:

We were able to make it live thanks to the sponsorization of the new specialized gaming Modding Central community and ABC Game Severs.

Also thanks to Markus (elpatron) for allowing us to use his engine to manage files and folders, mods and symlimkings. (Mod Manager Pro)

Cole Shapiro (roxy43211) 13.04.2020 17:09
I have already changed the location of my mods folder but is there any way that I could change the location of the save game files and all of the stuff that in in that folder to my d drive. I already have the game installed to my d drive through steam but for some reason the save game files are still located in my c drive and it would be very convenient and much more manageable if all the files that I have that have to do with Farming Simulator 2019 were in the same drive. Thank you for the help.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 13.04.2020 17:55
In Windows Explorer navigate to the folder "C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\My Games". There you see the FS user folder "FarmingSimulator2019". Move this folder to the desired location (cut and paste).
Navigate back to the ".. My Games" folder and there open a command/shell window (shift-rightclick -> open command window). There you create a link with the command
"mklink /H FarmingSimulator2019 {target}"
where target is the new location eg. "D:\FarmingSimulator2019".

There are also other methods, described in the general forum. See there.

Next time please post in the right subforum. This is for FS15.

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