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Created12.03.2015 01:42

Ludovic Fritz (mrludo40) 12.03.2015 01:43

I come to ask for help because your games spells me a runtime erraur even after formatting the pc
here's the error:

(Runtime error P6025 pure virtual function call)

you have an explanation of why?
thank you very much

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 12.03.2015 09:30

hard to say what causes the problem.
But please to the following to check wether the issue is directly caused by the game or maybe by something else.

- Update your drivers
- Remove all mods
- Reduce the graphics settings of the game

If the error remains please list your hardware: CPU, RAM, GPU, operating system, do you use FS via steam?


Ludovic Fritz (mrludo40) 12.03.2015 12:17

here I did the test
(1) I remove mods is the problem is still there.
(2) I lower graphics are nothing changes.

and my config :
win7 64
Processor : Intel Core i5 4670K 3,40GHz
Motherboard : MSI Z87 - GD65 gaming
RAM : 8GB G.Skill Extreme3 Trident X 2400MHz CAS10
map graph: gainward 980 Phantom

on my pc and nothing else is installed because I format last night
My game is not about steam

Ludovic Fritz (mrludo40) 12.03.2015 15:22
I find the source of the problem,
as I did on the stream twitch I use ( overwolf ) is what is this program that conflicts with farming

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 13.03.2015 10:54

thanks a lot for posting the solution!


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