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Stacked bales shake until they fall over on all maps

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Created13.03.2015 13:35

Parker Glencross (Unknown) 13.03.2015 13:39
When the game first came out you could stack bails of all types and they would stay stacked but now in the case of all maps including the 3 main ones that came out with the original game the bails shake continually until they fall over I wonder can this be fixed in the 1.3 patch coming out soon? This eliminates the use of all bail equipment which cuts out a lot of the fun in the game

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 13.03.2015 14:00

FS15 offers two default maps ;)

Anyway, could you please be more specific about the situation in which "the problem" happens.
Our tests went fine.

Do you refer to single- or multiplayer?

Maybe you are using mods?
They can cause problems, especially by influencing each other ;)


Parker Glencross (Unknown) 13.03.2015 17:04
I have numerous mods and all worked fine, single player, I don't use multiplayer. As far as mod maps go I keep them all out of the mod folder and only use one at a time. I have tried the original Westbridge Hill map that worked before and now the bails shake and after time they fall over unlike before and when it worked I had many mods and left the mod maps in the folder as well. This didn't happen until a few weeks ago. I can't figure it out Also many others have noticed the same thing and have no explanation
for it By the way I forgot to mention this is one hell of a game and I have had many hours of enjoyment out of it so don't think I a just another bitcher because I really like this game so I hope you will expand on it I know I, any many others would buy many other games like it so keep up the good work its fantastic

Parker Glencross (Unknown) 13.03.2015 23:42
Just found out that I was using a mod stacker and when I used the original stacker put out by Farm 2015 and not the mod it stopped shaking what a relief and it puts the game back to what it was. Thanks again Emil for your help and again great game please keep up the good work this game is fantastic


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 16.03.2015 07:52

wow - it's fantastic that you could sort it out!

Could please tell us which mod that is? (Maybe a link to it?)
That might be helpfull for others and for our support ;)

Cheers and happy farming,

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