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Created17.03.2015 04:43

Sheldon Major (Chaos_Darkrai) 17.03.2015 04:45
I'd like to know of the value to change to get a mod to stick to the ground well, because the problem I have, is that when I steer this modded Case IH Steiger, it goes into a spinning sprial. The value to make the wheels have more grip.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 17.03.2015 09:44

you can use the following attributes to adjuste the behavior of a wheel:

restLoad: weight on a wheel when vehicle is "empty" and on a flat surface, default: 1.0

maxLongStiffness: max. longitudinal stiffness, default: 30

maxLatStiffness: max. lateral stiffness, default: 40

maxLatStiffnessLoad: weight which causes the wheel to have max. lat. stiffness

frictionScale: factor to adjust friction, default: 1.0

tireType: adjusts behavior of wheel on different surfaces, default "mud", other values: "offRoad", "street", "crawler"

To see how these values affect your wheels' properties please use the follwoing console command:


Sheldon Major (Chaos_Darkrai) 17.03.2015 18:01
Thank you, Emil, you are always a great help. :)

*edit* the frictionScale value did it perfectly. This would even be useful to add to some current ingame stock vehicles, I'm thinking the piqup. It's so fun to drift, though...

Austin Shackles (Unknown) 01.05.2017 17:36
Can I just ask, is any of that different in 2017?

I'm messing with a monster plough - having issues getting it to go straight, since it's quite wide, it generates side forces that push the tractor offline.

Tractor is a mod of the Schluter 2500, which I've further modded with dual wheels (because it's fun, functionally I suspect it makes no difference as the dual wheels are children of the originals *hmmm... just thought, wheel mass should be doubled*)

So far I've increased the density of the tractor so it's a bit heavier, reset the rest mass in the xml accordingly (but not yet wheel mass, see above!)

Now it's better but still not really pulling right. I've also turned up the power a bit - but still getting this lateral slip so about to try altering the lateral stiffness.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 02.05.2017 06:58

nope. The attributes still have the same effect.

Well, do you want to adjust the tractor or the plough?
Which vehicle is causing problems?

In case it is the plough and it uses the powerConsumer spec. to apply a force which will try to pull the plough backwards ... check the following attributes:
"forceNode" and "forceDirNode"
Should be clear how they are used, I guess.


Austin Shackles (Unknown) 02.05.2017 20:16
Thanks, I will look at that also. It seems to be what happens is the plough creates an off-centre force which pulls the tractor sideways.

I've got it to where it works fine provided you take care - which is kinda realistic I guess. If it didn't go wrong there'd be no challenge :D

I tried letting the AI helper drive it - they did OK on the actual ploughing but then it made a crazy wide turn at the end of the field. I guess maybe the plough has some issues with a collision box or something - but I can turn it almost at minimum radius for the tractor.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 03.05.2017 07:01

the AI can be a bit too careful concerning the turning radius.
Just take a look at our default ploughs (the big ones) and check what attributes might fit to your plough.


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