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Relevant trigger point(s) at filling a shovel

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Created18.03.2015 15:06

Andreas Knoepfle (Unknown) 18.03.2015 15:21
Dear community,

I'd like to optimize a silage blade mod as a custom vehicle type. It has got specialization = shovel beside others.

However, for me it's not quite clear for shovel type objects, which points or objects are relevant for emtying and filling the shovel.
What are the conditions, so that a shovel (utilised in a silo)
- gets filled?
- gets emtyed?
Are there any documentation or examples for those shovel objects?

By the way: Is it possible to debug the original (and compiled) FS15 LUA scripts, e.g. the shovel.lua functions?
Lot of questions for me as a Modding Newbie ... ;-)

Thanks and regards

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 18.03.2015 17:05

you can find some shovels in the game directory:
data\vehicles\frontLoaders\stoll\stollShovel.xml and .i3d

Please have a look.

The shovel script from FS13 can be found here:

In FS15 the shove scriptl is not the same, but it's still similar.

Debuging the original scripts is not possible.


P.S. A script documentation for FS15 will be released soon.

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