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the night as the day

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Created21.03.2015 12:52

Claudio Accotardi (Unknown) 21.03.2015 12:54
Hi at all,

It's possible to have the night as tehe day?

I have find how to change che texture of sky bat i don't find how to change the brightness.


Best regards

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 23.03.2015 08:45

this is not possible.

The ambient color of the sun is set in a script.

One way to get rid of the night is to use the console command "gsSetDayTime" ;)
By using this command you could skip the night.
- To be able to use console commands you have to change your game.xml:
- To open the console in the game you have to press the key: ^


Claudio Accotardi (Unknown) 05.04.2015 21:07

Best regards

Clauido Accotardi

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