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Created23.03.2015 01:48

Juha Matti (JuhaR) 23.03.2015 01:57
Hello How calculate trailer wheel right (initialCompression, deltaY, suspTravel, spring, damper and mass)

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 23.03.2015 08:51

initialCompression replaces deltaY.
This means, you should either use deltaY or initialCompression.
initialCompression is prefrred because it eases setting up the wheel properties.
Typically initialCompression has a value of 0.5

suspTravel (suspension travel) is the amount which the wheel can move up and down

spring and damper can be adjusted according to the desired behavior of the wheel


Juha Matti (JuhaR) 24.03.2015 15:25
Help i have converter FlemingST2000 liquidManure 13 to 15
weight is 3500kg what is good setting <wheel restLoad="1.7" repr="0>0" radius="0.81" initialCompression="65" suspTravel="0.15" spring="20" damper="50" mass="0.46" hasTyreTracks="true" tyreTrackAtlasIndex="3"/> and this is center of mass i3d (-0.00 1.76 -0.10) and xml center of mass is (0 1 0) is this right or how calculate center of mass xml right

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 24.03.2015 17:20

basically you woul dhave to adjust the vauesu ntil you are happy about the behavior of the vehicle.

The center of mass can be estimated by using the GIANTS Editor.

- click on the rigid body (root elemnt of the vehicle) and then on the "rigid body" tab
- notice the field "Center Of Mass" right below the field for "mass"

Nonetheless it might be better to adjust the center of mass yourself.
- just create a transformgroup and place it in the root elemnt
- move it to the position where you think teh center of mass would be
- copy the values of the translation attributes of this TG into the xml


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