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field ownedByPlayer help please

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Created24.03.2015 15:29

Gerrit Geldenhuys (masepoes) 24.03.2015 15:34
I'm in the testing phase of my Africa map but have encountered this problem. The fields are painted, corners have been set etc. ownedByPlayer bolean has been inserted and ticked. Problem is that in-game it says I do not own the field. I have also tried making the field buyable. This works until I have saved the game. When I come back to that field in the saved game, it again says I don't own the field. PLEASE HELP! I have tried everything....

Gerrit Geldenhuys (masepoes) 24.03.2015 15:40
EDIT: It is only the hired help that has a problem. I am able to harvest the field myself.

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