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fixing tractors on lowloader

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Created25.03.2015 16:53

Yannik Zausig (TintoKalle14) 25.03.2015 17:11
Hello again,

I've just thought, it would be nice if you could fix machines and tractors on a lowloader. Because if you drive fast, everything will fall down. How to make a mod which fixes my tractors? Have anybody any ideas? Or exists this type of modification already? Please write back. I hope, my English is not as bad as I think. I won't get on your nerves, I can't make great mods and I'm only thirteen....


P.S. Farming Simulator is a very good game. It connects many people in different countries so thumbs up to everybody who has created this game and to all modders, because they help to make the best FS ever!

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 26.03.2015 08:49

actually the tractors get attached to the lowloader.

But you are right, if you drive way too fast around corners the joint which locks the tractor to the trailer will be deleted (it breaks) and everything will fall off.

If you want to change that completly you would need to write a new script.
Otherwise you could make a special trailer wich creates much stronger joints.
This can be done by increasing the value for "forceAcceleration" in the properties for the dynamicMountAttacher:

<dynamicMountAttacherTrigger triggerNode="0>6" rootNode="0>" jointNode="0>" forceAcceleration="30" />


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