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Created27.03.2015 18:37

Jan Kowalski (Ziuta2010) 27.03.2015 18:42
I made a trailer, which increases capacity and add additional walls, but do not know how I do plane to the increased capacity adapted to the new shape of the trailer. I tried to scale the "fillVolume" but it did not change anything in the game.

The second issue is the problem that when added to the spreader plane instead of fertilizer is grain.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 30.03.2015 08:37

for the case of a trailer with a additional walls (increased capacity) you would have to create a second 'fillVolume'.

For the fertilizer problem you could check my last post in this thread:


Jan Kowalski (Ziuta2010) 30.03.2015 13:21
Thank you for your reply. I also tried a second "fillVolume" but did not know how to correctly type in XML. I have done the change in capacitance per key (additional wall using animation) and tried to scale the "fillVolume" and the animated "fillVolumeDischarge", but did not give any effect on the change capacity.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 30.03.2015 13:33

well, you better wait until the script documentation is online.
Before that it's nearly impossible, I guess.
But don't worry, the patch 1.3 is nearly done, which means that in the next few weeks (2 maybe) we will be able to release both, the patch and the script documentation.


Larry Horse (Larry) 11.12.2015 12:48
The shape is most important thing here.It has to be as simple as you can make it.I work in Blender, so this is broken down for blender enthusiast.
I start with plane of the shape of the fill volume I want, and extrude it to desired size and shape making
sure that I got just 1 vert per corner.Another thing is to make sure that bottom and top are flat.
Also make sure that the things geometry is called "fillVolumeShape"
And for good measure hit W and remove "doubles" if you did it right, you should not have

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