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Dedicated Server Software, issue with too many TXT files?

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Created30.03.2015 21:48

D. Ecker (Decker_MMIV) 30.03.2015 21:56
I am making a mod, which contains additional files, like some TXT and PNG files, that are not referenced by the ModDesc.XML nor any of the mod's LUA script files. - These additional files are instructions for map-makers.

Yet I am informed that the dedicated server software for FS15 is "complaining" about my zipped mod has issues;
- Text file count too high, 4 found (max. 2)
- PNG texture files not recommended. 2 found (max. 0)

What other "rules" regarding file-extensions does the dedicated server software check for, which it deems problematic?

Are there any "magic markers" or "special folder-names" that can be used in a zipped mod, which will cause the dedicated server software to not search or ignore such extra TXT/PNG files?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 31.03.2015 08:44

mostly the test gives warnings, but no errors ;)
So it is more or less just an advice what you could improve.
Or it is an indication how well the map was done (mostly in terms of efficiency etc)

Sorry, but listing all tests which are done by the dedicated server is impossible.
But it mostly checks file count and size.

No, "magic markers" are not possible.

An idea for your case might be to place the map and the additional information inside a .rar file, so that the user has to extract everything first before he has access to the
Surely this is not the most convenient way, but it would solve the problem.


D. Ecker (Decker_MMIV) 31.03.2015 16:17
Hi Emil,

Making a .zip (or .rar) file within the mod's zip is an easy solution/workaround, so I will use that method. - I just hope that the DSS then won't complain about too many .ZIP/.RAR files in the mod-zip ;-)

Though I still find it odd, that you (GIANTS) have chosen to set a recommended maximum of two .TXT files in a mod-zip. - I would still like to know the reason behind this, if possible.


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 01.04.2015 08:57
Hi Decker,

well, I meant to put the and the other files into a rar file.
Placing a zip in the might also cause a warning to show up.

The reason, namly the thresholds for certain file types arise from the count of files (and file types) in the default mod maps.
If there are files inside the map which are not normally used (png, jpeg, txt, ...) we can assume that the modder did not exactly know what he was doing.
I know that this is not always true, but in general it is ;)

Anyhow, some rules might be adjusted in the future.

Also, one or two warnings might be OK for a mod if you know for some reasons that it is a quality mod.
But if you get dozens of warrnings for a mod you can more or less surely say that it is crap ;)


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