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How to increase Brightness contrast of fertilizer application to ground textures?

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Created31.03.2015 14:53

Duff Stone (duffstone) 31.03.2015 14:55
I"m having an aweful time trying to see what has, and what has not been fertilized. I've use custom / updated textures, and the original as well. it seems like the difference between a non-fertilized field and a fertile one is too small, or too close on a brightness level.

Is there a way to either lighten up the non-fertilized field, or darken a fertile one? I've played with the RGBA channels but have not found a solution myself yet.


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 01.04.2015 09:19

normally it's not so hard to distinguish between the states as long as there are no (grown) fruits on the field.

If you open the map with a texteditor you can find the line which is responsible for the "terrainDetail".
When you take the materialId of it and search for definition of this material you will see that it uses a shader (groundShader.xml)
The material defintion has some CustomParameters, namely "channel1Color", "channel2Color", ...
If you change these or the shader to adjust the colors.


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