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Created02.04.2015 17:28

Torlasco (diego_gg111) 02.04.2015 17:40
Hello, I have noticed that the big Case and NH headers are the same but with the variation of the color in the XML file:
<color value="0.5647 0.0086 0.0086 1.0" /> for Case and <color value="0.8879 0.6038 0.0018 1.0" />for NH

I know how to set up the textures, xml file and the moddesc file to make a mod "color selectable", but my questions are:
1- How I make to change the color of a mod but without giving the option of changing it when buying it?
2- In what software can I visualize the effect of changing the number values in real time (IE 0.5647 0.0086 0.0086 1.0)? (amount of each color I guess)
3- Regarding to performance, which is the diference between making the diffuse texture with one color or giving it the color in game with this function?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 07.04.2015 08:41

1) the color entry in the vehicle.xml file should be enough

2) you can use the GIANTS Editor to preview the color:
Open the Material Editing panel -> select the object -> Custom Shader Tab in Material Editing panel

3) the overhead of the shader to apply the selected color to the material is minimal and can be neglected


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