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how can i make a mod colorable?

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Created04.05.2015 13:43

Ditislol10 (ditislol10) 04.05.2015 13:43
I have been trying for a while to make my mod colorable but till thus far no results, can anybody explain how to do this or a link to a tutorial

a few things i know

to enable the colorable thingy in the store, you have to put this in your modDesc

[code]<isDyeable color="0.552 0.077 0.077 1.0">true</isDyeable>[/code]

and to define what part you want to be colorable, you put this in your .xml file
[code] <colorNodes>
<colorNode index="0>2" />
<colorNode index="0>7" />
</colorNodes> [/code]

i think i am very close but i don't know how to go further.

As we say in dutch "bij voorbaat dank" (thank you in advance ) - ditislol10

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 05.05.2015 08:06

did you have a look at the diffuse texture of colorable default vehicles?
They must be white ;)
The vehicleDirtShader has to be applied too


Moise Dubuc (Bobsycomeau) 06.08.2015 04:27
I also have problem with the color selector. My specular texture is made the right way for FS15 and I remove the AO from the diffuse and keep only a solid RGB 244,244,244 color. I added the dirt shader as color mask and added the normal map for the dirt but still when I load the mod it is still the color it was set in color scale parameter and the dirt show up already when I buy the mod. There is only two parts on my mod textured this way all the other are old fashion without the dirt shader. I have done a John Deere wheel that work ingame with dirt and can be wash but for this other mod it don't seem to work.

PS: My specular texture is made like it should for FS15 with all the right info on each respective RGB Channels Blue for dirt, green for AO and red for specular roughness. I looked at the Man truck as an exemple and everything is set the same on my mod. I also added those code line like Ditislol10 said.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 11.08.2015 09:12

first of all let me mention that you can already test if the vehicle can be colorized in the GIANTS Editor.
-> Material Panel -> Custom Shader -> colorScale

The diffuse texture must be white.

Please also check the scripting window for error messages.

Maybe you should try to use a default vehicle type or make sure that the washable specialization is loaded.


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