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Created22.05.2015 11:07

Andrew Collins (Unknown) 22.05.2015 11:13
hi guys ive been trying to convert a tractor with row crop wheels from 13 to 15. ive got an issue with the front axle. the front wheels dont rotate forwards or backwards whilst moving. and they dont turn sideways when the steering wheel is turned. what xml file will the issue be in? ive tried all i can think of and cannot seem to figure the issue out.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 22.05.2015 11:59

the modDesc.xml contains all basic information of the mod, like the price etc.

The vehicle.xml (e.g. mySuperTractor.xml) contains all the vehicle specific information.

To adjust wheels you have to edit a
<wheel ......

Please have a look at a default vehicle to understand which entries are necessary and/or required.

Additionally you should make use of the
<ackermannSteering ........


Andrew Collins (Unknown) 22.05.2015 12:25
thankyou for your quick response. ill try that as i remember looking at the ackermann line in the NH T6


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