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Custom maps won't load in game

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Created24.05.2015 04:15

Jason Sawrey (StaticLan) 24.05.2015 04:19
I have created some new maps. I used the video tutorials that I purchased from your website, and did exactly as it instructed. None of my maps will show up in-game. I downloaded some other custom maps from other websites. The maps show up, but with no descriptions, and then just hang and never load completely from the loading screen. I've tried it from 2 different systems with two completely different installs and have the same problem on both machines. Any help in this situation would be great, thanks in advance.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 26.05.2015 07:49

maybe the file "log.txt" has some information for us?

So, you did place your mod map in the mods directory?

The file map01.i3d must finally be located in the subfolder "map" of the mod map:
...\My Games\FarmingSimulator2015\mods\modMapSDK\map

Which version Farming Simulator are you using?
patch 1.2 can be found here:

patch 1.3 beta 2 can be found here:


Alexander Shapka (Unknown) 30.05.2015 20:35
i want to edit west bridge hills map and all on my GE wont load in the map it loads it all but my screen is just Gray i got the 6.0.3 and it still wont work. i followed the tutorial that i bought and it still seems not to work.

Jason Sawrey (StaticLan) 01.06.2015 07:00
Hi Emil,

Sorry for the late response, I figured out what I was doing wrong and the maps are working fine now. I did have another question.... When I'm using the stock American Map, there is a good tyre track when using the darker asphalt, but when I try and use the same texture of asphalt in another map the tyre tracks look like my vehicle drove through white paint.. Is there a way to fix this with a texture from the American map? I've tried moving the textures from one map to the other but I still get the strongly white tyre tracks on the dark asphalt. Have you had anyone else comment about this?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 15.06.2015 07:59

you don't have to copy any textures.

To change the color of the tyre tracks you only have to open the map.i3d file with a texteditor and find the entries for the texture layers ...

<Layer name="dirt" .......

Each of the layers contains the following entry: attributes="0.247 0.191 0.145 1"
this is the color definition in R, G, B, A


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