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Particle animation for tippers

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Created20.06.2015 11:07

Jonas Vanheule (Unknown) 20.06.2015 11:10
I made a trailer to use as a overloader end tipper togetter, everythings works good, except the particle animation when i am tipping. It hasn't the width of the fillvolume. The particle animation for the overloading has the width of the trailer. I tried a lot of things but I think that i forgot a little point.

Is there someone who know how to set a tipping particle animation?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 21.06.2015 13:41
Examine a standard trailer/tipper and a standard augerWagon.
You'll find the tipping area in
<tipReferencePoints> <tipReferencePoint index=".." width=".." />
For the animations look at <tipAnimations>, espec. <tipEffect> and <dischargeParticleSystems>
For the augerWagon pipe examine the "horschTitan34UW.xml" tags <pipe> and <pipeEffect>
Note that there are different animations necessary for tipping and pipe discharge.

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