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Tractors after patch 1.3

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Created23.06.2015 09:01

Kristian Asplund (Harryy) 23.06.2015 09:03
What have changed in mod tractors in patch 1.3? I noticed that they are jumping when standing in idle.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 24.06.2015 07:17

could you please remove all mods from your mod folder and test it again?

Normally the tractors do not "jump" when standing still.
If however they do, please be more specific - which tractor with which attached tool are you seeing the effect on?


William Louis Schweer (Unknown) 29.06.2015 22:21
To add to this I know the problem you are dealing with (tire twitch or rock forward and back words). The problem is that everyone cranked up the mass of the wheels for patches before 1.3 and now with patch 1.3 that fixed the sliding issue so well you have to change the mass back down. I use .2 for my mass and it has fixed all my mods that would jump around or bounce.

Kristian Asplund (Harryy) 01.07.2015 23:59
Yeah that was just the problem i meant. Okey thanks for the info William. I will fix all that on my vehicles.

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