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Created28.06.2015 15:28

Lukáš Zima (MrHector94) 28.06.2015 15:35
Is possible to make bigger map in Farming simulator 2015? I want to make map based on real location but i need 4km x 4km map (4096x4096) default is 2km x 2km (2048x2048). In Farming simulator 2013 there was a map called Continental Drift. This map was 4km x 4km.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 29.06.2015 10:01

yse you can.

The easiest way to achieve a larger map is by setting the attribute "unitsPerPixel" to a higher value.

This attribute can be edited by opening the map.i3d with a texteditor.
Juts search for it and replace the defalt value of 1 with 2 ;)


Gary Anderson (Unknown) 07.09.2015 03:14
So I changed my map size to "unitsPerPixel=3" does this mean my map is multiplied by another factor? In other words have I gone from 4096x4096 to 8192x8192? While the map did get bigger it does not appear large enough to be 8192. Thoughts? I need to know the pixel ratio so I can crop a satellite photo from google maps and use it as a reference for my map creation.


Renée Johnsen (Unknown) 07.09.2015 21:52
I'm also curious about map sizes and what not, so the more information someone could provide us with, the better.

- Peachy

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 11.09.2015 18:39

to double the map size you would have to set the value for unitsPerPixel to 4.


Gary Anderson (Unknown) 14.09.2015 14:57
Thank you Emil! So multiples of two on the unitsPerPixel setting. unitsPerPixel = 4 is then 8192x8192 which does feel closer in game. Any idea on what the recommended limits for a map size are?


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 14.09.2015 17:10

that totally depends on what you want to achieve.
I would say that the default value gives the best trade off between size and resolution of the terrain.


P.S. Never neglect what amount of work a 4x map makes ;)

Keegan Leach (keeganleach) 30.10.2015 00:46
How Do I get the terrain to show up after I expand it?

Nick Bradshaw (Unknown) 13.04.2016 15:15
Hi all, just getting in to map making for the first time and was wondering if you have to work with square maps. I want to recreate an area in the Cambs fens which is approx 6km long, but only 3.5 km at it's widest point for the area I wish to portray.
Under the instructions above, I've changed the unit per pixel size to 3, hoping that the tradeoff with textures isn't too bad, but until I have a part of the map recreated, I guess i shalln't know. Next is to search how to import google earth overlays to assist with the general sizing and setting out.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 14.04.2016 07:23

in theory the game works also with non square (quadratic) maps.
But, I can't give any theory.
There are probably a lot of code snippets which had to be adapted in order to make make the game work flawless and optimal.
Therefore I would recommend to not waste our time and stick to the default proportions.


Nick Bradshaw (Unknown) 14.04.2016 19:11
"Therefore I would recommend to not waste our time and stick to the default proportions.


Sorry to be such a burden, I shalln't waste anyone's time here again. I'll go find an alternative for Farming Simulator in the future with that kind of attitude. (I was only curious as to whether it was easier to build a square map or if there was an easy way to build narrower long maps.)

Torlasco (diego_gg111) 14.04.2016 23:23
Emil is a greate guy, and very helpfull and always answer our questions. I don't think he mean "our" I think it was just a typo with "your".

Reef (Unknown) 15.04.2016 00:43
"I don't think he mean "our" I think it was just a typo with "your". "


"Emil is a greate guy, and very helpfull and always answer our questions."

Agreed x2 :-P

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 15.04.2016 07:11

oh yes, I meant "your" not "our".
Really very sorry for that typo!

Seems I was not completly awake when I wrote my previous post .... it contains even more mistakes.
Shit happens ;)

So, it could work to build a non quadratic map.
But I can't guarantee it.


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