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Created06.07.2015 21:13

Emiliano Pasqualoni (Unknown) 06.07.2015 21:17
hi , i wanted to create a self levelling combine for fs 15 , I saw that the ponnse scorpion cab is always straigth no matter the terrain inclination , so i wontet to use that sistem to create a self levelling combine , is it possible?
and if it is how can I do it?

sorry for my bad english

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 07.07.2015 08:49

please search for "copyLocalDirectionPart" in the xml file of the Ponsse and you will find the index of the element which is responsible for trying to keep the cabine in a horizontal position.

If this approach is applicable to an other vehicle totally depends on the vehicle you want to apply the priciple to.
It might be possible ... but maybe not


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