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Drive wheel definition / set-up?

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Created10.07.2015 11:12

William Burns (51stHD) 10.07.2015 11:15

I would like to know how to define which wheels of a vehicle are driven, eg., if it was a 6 wheeled truck, how to set up 6x6, 6x4 or 6x2?


Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 10.07.2015 13:33
FS15 uses the <differentials> tag in the xml. This describes the power distribution to the axis and wheels.
Examine the Giants vehicles. You'll also find many examples in mods and articles around the web.

William Burns (51stHD) 10.07.2015 13:59
Thanks. I was looking at the wrong thing, this should help.

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