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Created12.07.2015 12:16

Ted Fanning (wickedset) 12.07.2015 12:21
Is it possible to make the map view fruit types display PDA page show more than 12 fruits with colours?
I have all my 18 growing fruits with different colours and the page only shows 12, the fields don't show the other colours either.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 13.07.2015 08:51

did you have a look at this site?

It shows hwo to use a command for registering new fruit types which also includes the possibility to define a 'map color' for the new fruit type.


Ted Fanning (wickedset) 19.07.2015 09:14
Hi Emil,

Thanks but I have all the different colours sorted and all registered correctly, all growing, harvesting, storing and selling works, no errors in log, but only 12 show up on the fruit types display page and the fruits not shown in the list stay as uncoloured fields. All fruits show up correctly on the growth stage page.
I haven't yet found a mod map with more than 12 growing/field crops to see if everyone has this problem.


Dutchted (DutchTed) 26.09.2015 15:29
Exactly the same thing is happening to me. I have added 6 extra fruits which are working perfectly in game and 5 of them are showing on the "Map Views" page in addition to the 7 standard ones. The final one is not there.

If I change the order of the fruits in foliageSubLayer then the missing one appears but again only 12 are listed and some are lost.

Is there a way of making this page display in columns so that many more fruit types could be catered for?


Master Saygo (Unknown) 26.09.2015 18:56
Don't know if this will solve this issue. But this type of game change requires you start a new game after such changes. Clearing the game cache file doesn't fix it. Have tried it. I have a custom map I created and it has 20 ground crops. I have given each their own color, only slight color difference between some. And they are all showing on PDA correctly after planting. But while development testing, it became apparent that I had to do a new game each change I made. I tested 1 new crop at a time. This way If there was an issue, it was with that crop or change. Slow way to do, but much easier to pin point problems.

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