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Created13.07.2015 15:03

Lee Watson (Unknown) 13.07.2015 15:10
Hi guys,i know this has probably been asked b4 but i have looked on every site possible and cant find any info. I am new too map making and i'm looking to make a map without corn(maize),beets and forestry but everytime i try removing them my map will not work any info on how i grow wheat,barley,rape and potatoes only would b much appriciated.thanks in advance weeLee76.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 14.07.2015 08:22

may I ask why you do want to remove certain fruit types?

Especially interesting would be what you did to remove them and what error appeared?

Finally, let me say that removing fruit types might be a bad idea.
Probably some players (who download your map at some point) would like to plant some maize in order to make chaff.

Also removing forestry does not really work.
The players can buy a tree planting machine with which they can plant trees everywhere they want.
So in the end I would highly recommend to keep the trees cuttable ; )


Lee Watson (Unknown) 14.07.2015 16:59
Hi emil thanks for your reply,the reason i would like to remove maize and beets is because im trying to make a map of a farm i currently work on,we dont grow maize or beets and i would like my map to be the same.I thought it would of been the reverse of adding new fruits that i would be able to remove fruits.Thanks lee.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 15.07.2015 08:24

it should be possible to remove the corresponding lines from map01.i3d file.
Therefore you would have to open that i3d file with a texteditor.

Finally, I'm not sure if there might be any side effects somewhere in the game.
But you can give it a try.


Master Saygo (Unknown) 17.07.2015 04:33
Lee; This may sound silly but, why remove them from game. If you're making a map, just don't use what you don't want. Just because something is available, doesn't mean you need to use it. If I create a map and don't want livestock. I just don't put any in. I think you're creating more problems for yourself, than solving any. I'm a cattle farmer, so I made a map with a huge cattle yard and some medium fields that I only plant things needed to feed cattle. The rest of the fruit and chickens can be put in, but I don't want them, so I don't use them.

Bjørn Magne Olsby (Olsbyn) 12.08.2015 13:06
I actually agree with Lee, however, I wouldn`t remove the attributes from the i3d, I would remove the sale points and attributes in the silage silo. As far as I can remember you can`t remove default fruit without getting problems with the game engine, this was the case for FS11, Emil Drefers, or did you guys change anything with the setup for the registration of original fruits ?

There are also a number of other things to do, you CAN edit the lines in foliageSubLayer, this means you can edit how a fruit appears in the field, so you can change maize to e.g a new grass type, all you need is the foliage images, the game will still register it as maize, but the appearance will be another fruit.

Master Saygo (Unknown) 12.08.2015 22:19
Bjørn Magne; you are correct about default fruits. I attempted this because I didn't see reality in feeding animals decomposed veg. matter. At least any farmer I know, including myself. So I tried to change mix to oats, corn, grass. Then wanted to add additional new fruit types, eg. fruit trees, vegetables, etc. The # I wanted to add was greater than the game engine's limit. So decided to try and remove sugar beets and replace with a new type. Had everything in correct order and all worked until I removed sugar beets. When I tried to load the test game (which had been working) it went into an infinite loading loop. The end error was directly relating to missing resource, ie: sugar beet. So taking out default game fruit types will not work. But you can do as Bjørn Magne says. I did this and now I have snap peas growing in one of my greenhouses, but their labeled sugar beets. But, again, removing or replacing a fruit type is a lot harder than ignoring it. Suggest not doing unless you need more fruit types than allowed.

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