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AO texture in maya

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Created14.07.2015 14:44

Torlasco (diego_gg111) 14.07.2015 15:02
Hello. I'm having some troubles making an AO texture for a trailer i'm doing in maya 2013. I'm using the mental ray AO baking and the result is not good (some weird looking shadows, etc.)
I have tried tweaking the settings and seeing some different ways to do it from tutorials but with not luck
I'm wondering if you use mental ray for the AO making, and if it's so, do you have any "tip" or recomendation or advise about it? Do you bake all the model in one go? Or do different parts and joint it together in photoshop? Do you use a special setting for the lights for the baking?
Any advise will be appreciated

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 14.07.2015 16:42

not sure if someone might be able to help you.

The topic is rather general and is not only connected to FS.
I guess you can find a lot of tutorials in the net.

All I know is (but I'm not an artist btw ;) ):
- create and layout UVs (very important step)
- create the AO material
- merge all meshes and bake it in one go (but that might be different nowadays)

Cheers and sorry I could not help more

Torlasco (diego_gg111) 22.07.2015 02:10
Hello Emil,

thanks for your answer.

I have seen several tutorials about using mental ray to bake an occlusion map and I'm struggling with a situation:

I have mirrored meshes that share the same UVs, and other meshes that share the same UVs, meaning that their UVs are overlapped in those cases.

When I bake the AO map, the final result in those parts shows weird shadows.
That make sense, because, while those meshes share the same UVs, they don't have the same "situation" in the maya scene. Meaning that the light don't affect them in the same way, then the shadows are accumulated in each overlapped UVs

What I'm wondering is how can I do to make an AO map with mirrored meshes and overlapping UVs, since Giants models have shared (overlapped) UVs too.

Maybe Giants use other ways to make an AO map. Maybe it is done directly in Photoshop or something like that. In that case can you help me with the name of the process? and then I could look for tutorials

In any case thanks for your help!


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