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Created18.07.2015 16:03

Marek D. (Marthless) 18.07.2015 16:08
Hello, I want to create a new map without any modification of existing in the game. I mean, that was a clean terrain, and it did what size you want is a map (small, medium or even big map), the problem of mine is that I do not know how to create such a clean map. I would be grateful for any help with the issue.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 20.07.2015 08:12

you could try and have a search in the net .... from time to time some modders offers a "clean starter map", which is actually just a flat terrain with all default buildings/triggers/etc.

But you can also create a new mod map, like it is described in our video tutorials.
After creating the map just flatten the ground and start 'from scratch' so to say.


Marek D. (Marthless) 25.07.2015 12:22
Hello again, I ask one last question. How can I translate (some kind map), which was made by another person, and it is in his language?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 27.07.2015 07:46

not sure what you mean.

Do you want to translate some texts?
For this you could use some translation program or website.

Just one reminder ... if you use a map from another author you might think about asking for a permission to use his/her work.


Marek D. (Marthless) 27.07.2015 22:54
Hello, thank you for your answers and I understand the situation.

Hirigoyen Patrick (Unknown) 21.09.2015 18:29
can you explain to me how i can take more texture for foliage layer painting ?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 22.09.2015 08:17

what do you mean exactly?

You can easily add new textures for painting the ground (Terrain detail texture paint mode) and you can also add new foliages (Terrain foliage paint mode).

Please have a look at a mod map which has some new stuff added to understand what is neccessary.


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