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Created18.07.2015 16:54

Master Saygo (Unknown) 18.07.2015 16:57
I just modified some soil textures using Photoshop. Saved as PNG RGB 8bit. But when I open the editor it gives errors saying wrong format must be RGB 8bit. But they are RGB 8bit. What is the editor trying to tell me?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 20.07.2015 08:29

the editor wants to tell you what the error message says .... wrong format.

Try to export the image in a different way (or with different options in Photoshop)


Master Saygo (Unknown) 03.08.2015 04:45
OK. So, how about the other half of your answer. What format, other than png or dds does the game know? Are u saying I should convert to dds. If so, what dds save settings should be used. The native game format is png, so makes little sense that format is wrong. png is png no matter what program u save it in. If photoshop set to rgb 8bit then that's what the format is. I opened one of the textures in a image converter program and it shows details as a png 8bit. So it's an editor issue, not format being wrong. Also the textures are loading into game with no png errors in log file. Your thoughts would be appreciated. Don't like unsolved errors. Thanks

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 03.08.2015 11:28

the engine can also load .jpeg files, but that's absolutely not recommended.

For vehicles you normally use .dds files because they are highly optimized for being loaded into and used by graphics cards.

For some terrain files (e.g. weight maps) we use .png nonetheless because this format has no compression artefacts.

The limitations which apply to certain soil textures do not neccessarily apply to normal texture files.

Which file did you edit?
Which program did you use to edit it?


Master Saygo (Unknown) 04.08.2015 12:35
Here is the error message I get from game log. But these texture are loading into game, even with error.
Error: TerrainDetail distance texture 'B:/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2015/mods//Bjornbridge/map/textures/foliage/foliage_maize_distance5_diffuse.png' incorrect format. Must be 8bit RGB format.
I get this on all the foliage textures. Error makes no sense. I work as a special effects designer and work with graphics everyday. After doing a through evaluation of these texture, as well as, having a colleague look at them, I can say for certain they are all 8bit PNG format. So, sense they are loading into game, I'm going to view this error as a false\positive type error. Either that or the game engine is having a mental breakdown. :}
And I knew about jpg, and not to use. That's why I didn't mention it. One last ? What would happen if I converted these to dds? What would be the visual result? Thanks for taking the time to humor my wandering mind. I've read a lot of your replies. Have to give you only a 95% accuracy on info given.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 11.08.2015 08:33

would be interesting to know what kind of software you use, because I have no problems at all to save a .PNG file from Photoshop and let it be loaded by the Editor.

Anyhow, you could try to use the following plug in to save a .png file:

A colleague uses it, I think for performance reasons.

In the end you could also try to use .DDS files, but as an artist you should be aware of the compression artefacts which are introduced by this file format.

Finally, if the editor does show up an error/warning you should definetly take care of it ;)


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