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Animation invisible after saving in GE

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Created26.07.2015 21:43

Gregor Urankar (gregor96) 26.07.2015 21:52
I created an animation in maya that worked fine when i imported it into mod .i3d file BUT after saving it,again opening and playing animation, "check" in box for visible has dissapeared.
After that, all parts of animations become invisible during animation and also when it is stopped. If check visible box again it shows up till animation starts. I tried to save animation in maya as invisible so GE would make a contra but still no success.

Thank you for taking time.

Gary Hargreaves (Unknown) 30.07.2015 21:38
after exporting the i3d from maya, edit the i3d with notepad++ scroll to the animation section and delete the Visibility part from each animation line.

i had the same problem and this always fixed it

Gregor Urankar (gregor96) 31.07.2015 12:25
Thank you! I will try.

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