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object mods not working in game

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Created31.07.2015 10:42

Master Saygo (Unknown) 31.07.2015 10:46
Just updated to patch 1.3. All mods are showing under options\mods. But when entering a game (default maps or custom) only game changing mods are working. Any objects (placeable items, vehicles, etc) are not showing in store. Any ideas why? Not steam version, direct site game purchase.

Master Saygo (Unknown) 31.07.2015 11:19
Edit: Checked log file. Shows mods are being loaded. No errors. Only warning about my custom map not being zipped.

Master Saygo (Unknown) 01.08.2015 11:54
Issue solved. My bad. Didn't know about top arrow to scroll to mods section. Thought items would be in with respective categories with rest of game items.

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