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can't see Cultivated field

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Created17.08.2015 19:49

Ernie Richmond (Unknown) 17.08.2015 19:58
I painted a cultivated field onto the map, and I can't see the field unless I zoom in to it pretty close. I need to be able to see it when I am zoomed out to take a snapshot for my PDA file.

If I am zoomed in to ~50 units, I can see it on the screen... As I zoom out from there it slowly turns in to a circle in the center of the screen, and then disappears. The field is around 250x200
(5 hectares)

Any ideas?

Ernie Richmond (Unknown) 17.08.2015 20:01
Actually, I only have to zoom out ~50 units before it starts disappearing... forgot to take into account the terrain height.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 18.08.2015 08:13

to get a reproducable test scenario I would like to ask you to use a default map and create your mod map in the way the video tutorials explain it.
Afterwards test it again ...

Why that? If you're using a mod map there might be some errors somewhere.

Please also take into consideration that the area will appear in a different color if there's any "fruit type" above the "terrainDetail".


Ernie Richmond (Unknown) 25.08.2015 21:21
Ok I figured it out... A cultivate filed with no crop is the only field that you cannot see if you zoom out... so it is not an issue. thanks

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