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Created18.08.2015 13:59

Sheldon Major (Chaos_Darkrai) 18.08.2015 14:02
Hello, I am just wondering if there was a change in the sound file formatting between FS13 and FS15. For example, when I use a sound file from FS13, the bigM_mowerstart.wav, there is an indoor sound script, which works fine with FS15 sound files, but not these FS13 sound files. Just wondering if there was a change that I should make to the sound file to get it to FS15 standards. Thanks in advance.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 19.08.2015 07:48

there is no change in the aufio file format.
Both games use:
- sample rate: 22050 Hz
- 16 bit depth
- mono

So, I would say that it is a problem with the custom script.

What makes me wonder is if the problem only (?) occurs with the _mowerSTART sound?
If yes, it is very likely to be script problem.


Sheldon Major (Chaos_Darkrai) 19.08.2015 11:18
Thanks for that info, Emil. I did go in and check the script, it doesn't mess around with anything like that, from what I can see. It doesn't just occur with the _mowerstart, that was just one example from the files I was using. It's done that to me with all of the Big M sound files, but I know of an audio converter online, and I'll convert those files with those settings, and try it. (What would be great is an official BiG M, hehe. I know Giants vehicles are always quality.) Thanks, I'll try that.

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